The ideals of india, through the ages, have retained a remarkable continuity, clearly recognising in every sphere of activity, the kinship of God and man. Tracing through the centurires the rich heritage of India's art, one goes far back into a world where the real and the mythological are imppossible to seperate. The spoken word was rhe manner in which learning was perpetuated, for "the teacher is the prior form; the pupil is the latter form, and knowledge is their junction, and the relationship of guru and the pupil was unique. The teacher led the pupil from "DARKNESS OF IGNORANCE TO THE LIGHT OF LEARNING".

Symbol of creation and destruction of the universe, final release from the bondage of the world, upsoaring spirit of man, is Shiva, the Propitious One, in whom all things have their being. Countless, indeed, are his manifestations. He is the Great Asectic, the Eternal Musician,the Mendicant,the Lord of Dancers, the Lord of Animals.

Dancers should dance with their face alive, not the mask- like communicator of the esotteric to the few, but the celebrant of ecstasy felt in the presence of divine love.

Dance is Divine - Dance is what I Breathe
Global Aura